Teach Myself Again –  Jimmy B (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

I love music that doesn’t fit into standard genres, that is hard to pigeon-hole and which has a totally unique artistic fingerprint on it.  Teach Myself Again is just such a song. Essentially a spoken word stream of consciousness that blends gentle philosophies with wonderfully soul-searching metaphysical meanderings all pitched over eastern vibes and ambient beats. On paper you may think that you have heard something similar and indeed you may have but Jimmy B still finds new astral pathways to walk with this intoxicatingly psychedelic mysticism.

It is the sort of music that isn’t so much designed to be listened to but absorbed, whether you are using it functionally, to create an atmosphere, maybe even meditate to, or using it more socially as mood music it will enter your body more by osmosis than by the usual conscious methods. It is musically light, lyrically deep, gentle but poignant, floating but full of importance. The very definition of less is more perhaps?

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