What’s interesting about 3Mind Blight is that you read through the accompanying bio and you find references to the Boom Bap Rap and Grunge scenes of the 90’s, which, at first, definitely seem out of keeping with the deft and dexterous slice of alt-rock that is I Am Not. But listen deeper and it makes perfect sense as the song seems to exist at a point where an infectious and driving dance groove collides with a darker, more desolate rock urges.

It may seem a mutually exclusive idea but the groove is tempered by an inherent melancholy and the down beat vocal deliveries are kept on the right side of despair by the energy of the musical flow and the classical flourishes that dance around behind the words.

It’s a very astute pairing of conflicting ideas, one that takes some pulling off but 3Mind Blight gets it spot on. Less adept composers would err too far to the dark side and head for more cliched gothic realms or lose the natural atmospherics by leaning to far into the dance floor vibe but here it is a fine line that is walked to perfection.

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