Take On Me Too – Siamese Youth (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Siamese Youth have never been shy about revelling in their 80’s synth-pop influences, and never more so than on this latest sonic slice, Take On Me Too. What keeps things fresh though is that they push those retrospective sounds through a modern prism and what comes out the other side is the perfect blend of past and present. Whether consciously chosen or not, the title gives a clue as to where they are coming from. Is it perhaps a sly nod to Norway’s finest pop princes, A-ha, a band which with the passage of time is now ripe for reappraisal for the sheer craftsmanship and longevity of the songs that they fashioned. And it is the same solidity and deftness, not to mention sheer infectiousness, which echoes at the heart of Take On Me Too.

In a world of sullen indie bands and brooding, cliched rockers, overly-earnest rappers and lifeless popsters, Siamese Youth are a breath of fresh air. Solid beats drive a joyous and jaunty front line sound, a great blend of urgency and addictive grooves topped off with sweet and often sky-scraping vocals and concise, infectious synth riffs.

Everything in music is cyclical, the art then is to be driven by the sounds of the past whilst using them to create a whole new future. And if you don’t know what such a process might sound like then just keep playing Siamese Youth until the penny drops.

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