So Far From Home – Siamese Youth (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Ahead of their second, full-album release, Echoes of Tomorrow, the Berlin-based duo have released a new single to pave the way. And although it conforms to the signature sound set out by the previous album, it also shows that the band are happy to move forward and evolve, musically speaking.

If earlier songs were defined by a love of the 80’s synthwave and a past electronic-pop sound, So Far From Home sees the band embracing a much broader, forward-thinking and modern electronic palette. It enables them to move way from accusations of nostalgia and more fully embraces a sound that is influenced by rather than beholden to the past.

Here, the band weave together deft and delicate sonic threads to build a considered and restrained slice of pop. It is understated and slightly subdued, opting to stay on a dynamic level rather than build obvious crescendoes and lulls. And it is such an approach that frees them from a more obvious pop past, allowing them to establish themselves as a contemporary and exploratory band rather than one that serves a retrospective signature sound.

It’s a great song and a perfect calling card for the new album. It will appeal to their existing fans but will broaden their appeal to a wider range of pop-pickers, dance divas and indie kids too. Second albums are supposed to be “difficult” but this initial calling card suggests that the album to follow was anything but. And whilst we will never know what goes on behind the scenes, So Far From Home indicates that not only has the band lost none of its ability to pen addictive and intimate songs, it has also evolved both naturally and brilliantly.

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