Sunday, June 26, 2022
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That Was The Music Week That Was – 230422

Another week of writing about, listening to, promoting and generally enjoying lots of cool new music from the best of the grassroots community. Give...

Archbishop Beardface at the ChemOlympics – Telefis (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Even after reading Cathal Coughlan’s explanation of the scenario that this latest song paints, I’m not much the wiser but it does make me...

That Was The Musical Week That Was – 140422

It's been a bit busy here at DAA and I didn't have time to compile the weekly playlist but apparently, people missed this round-up...

a hAon – Telefis (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Anything that has anything the slightest bit to do with Cathal Coughlan is something you need to take notice of, we know that through...

Falun Gong Dancer – Telefís (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Falun Gong Dancer is one of those songs built of the rarest of commodities to be found in the rock and pop world. Restraint....

That Was The Musical Week That Was – 231121

A bit late but stil the usual collection of cool grassroots music, off the radar songs and about to happen artists. Buy merch, like...

Mister Imperator – Telefís (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Who says that dance music can't be smart? Or that pop music can't be deep and meaningful? And does nostalgia have to be an...