Who says that dance music can’t be smart? Or that pop music can’t be deep and meaningful? And does nostalgia have to be an exact sonic replay of what has gone before? And if all of those statements sound a little bit oxymoronic then it is only because you haven’t yet stumbled across Telefís.

Take Cathal Coughlan, a man known for brilliant, humourous, and indeed brilliantly humourous, lyrics, not to mention some of the finest alternative pop of the modern age, put him together with producer, mixer and composer Garret “Jacknife” Lee, a man just as comfortable with anthemic guitars and mainstream pop as he is buoyant beats and big breaks, and you have a winning combination.

Ahead of the duo’s solo album, a hAon, comes Mister Imperator, a cool and quirky, slow dance track mixing retro moves with forward-thinking grooves. Like the bulk of the album to follow, it is a “mischievous examination of Irish history and the pop culture of their lifetimes.”  It also comes accompanied by all manner of remixes, lending itself particularly well to a Dub makeover.

Mister Imperator also reminds us that it is never the artists themselves who are in any way concerned with genres, that yesterday’s indie kid can easily be today’s alt-dance guru…and who knows what he could be doing tomorrow! Stay tuned and find out, we’ll be right back after these messages from our sponsors.

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