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That Was The Musical YEAR That Was -2020

This final playlist of the year is an overview of the things I have been writing about here at DAA. Partly compiled from the...

That Was The Musical Week That Was – 150820

Another week of working with cool sounds made by even cooler people. Here are some of the finest moments. Check them out, buy some...

Hey Kidz – Emily Breeze (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

As always, amongst the many great qualities to be found in Emily Breeze’s music, that smart combination of wit and wisdom is tantamount. Even...

Ego Death – Emily Breeze (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Firstly, anything that comes with a Barry Adamson remix has to be worth a listen. But of course long before you get to that...

Limousines – Emily Breeze (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Emily Breeze always seemed to walk in a different world. Listen to Limousines and you can hear the lush decadence, the mix of sleaze...