Ego Death – Emily Breeze (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Firstly, anything that comes with a Barry Adamson remix has to be worth a listen. But of course long before you get to that little bonus the mere fact that Ego Death is the latest sonic slice to come from Emily Breeze means that, irrespective of how many post-punk heroes you name check, it was always going to get the attention it deserved anyway. I guess by now the only thing we can expect from this mercurial and brilliantly inventive artist is the unexpected and indeed Ego Death moves away from the, alternative lounge-noir of Limousines and heads down a strange and seductive soul path.

And if musically that would be enough for most artists, the weaving of louche and loose vibes into cool and sultry new takes on 70’s soul but that is only really half the story. Lyrically this inner monologue is lyrically eloquent, often hilarious and elegantly subversive, as if The Bonzo Dog Band were writing Barry White songs for the audience of a Las Vegas supper club owned by Hunter S. Thompson. (I’d certainly eat there.) Where else would you be served a “complimentary glass of sexual frustration that has been imported directly from the suburbs of your soul?” Where indeed?

Of course, by the time you get to check out the additional remixes that push the song into more ambient and dance directions, you are all ready totally in love with the whole thing. It was never going to end any other way was it?

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