Swiss Mountain Myth – The Asteroid No. 4 (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Written, in part, to try to encapsulate, possibly exorcise, the memory of a European tour and specifically the downward spiral of the bands relationship with their driver, Swiss Mountain Myth is a slice of dark beauty that the band themselves refer to as being their “version of The Shining.” And even without knowing that, there is a tension and an anxiety clear for all to hear in the music. A blend of noir-psychedelia and shimmering shoegaze, it floats along on a wash of hazy, half-heard vocals, claustrophobic grooves, and  dense and droning guitars.

And like a lot of creative processes, there are hidden depths and secondary meanings which don’t always reveal themselves to their creators straight away. So the tale of nightmarish alpine anxiety and hypnotic horror made into music also came to reflect the dark clouds gathering in the larger world too. But rather than adopt a pessimistic attitude the band are more concerned with reminding the listener of a time, not so long go, when things didn’t seem so bleak.

Swiss Mountain Myth, like all of The Asteroid No. 4’s musical endeavours, is all about texture. They build layer upon layer of looped guitars and hazy sonics to create walls and waves of music which are less tied to rigid structures more free to ebb and flow through the song in a more organic way.

With their tenth full length album, Northern Songs, due out soon and two fantastic singles paving the way to it, it seems as if The Asteroid No. 4 show no sign of slowing down.

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