Some videos are just pretty looking vehicles for selling a record, both metaphorically and all too often, literally. Other times the video is a piece of art in its own right, or at least an interpretation and insight into the track, one that develops the idea and deepens the meaning. And best of all, poses a whole raft of additional questions. This is one of those times.

Whilst so many artist are, quite naturally, creating music which reflects and explores their experiences during lockdown, Lino Camilo approaches the subject by letting off steam, but does so in the gentlest of ways. With the world around us raging, with frustrations coming to a head, with battle lines being drawn and pointless, heightened and ill-formed opinions firing off like a bombardment of  ineffective blank shells whistling past our heads from every media and social outlet, he quite rightly begs for a ceasefire. All he is asking for is a moment of silence, a break from  the noise and he does so in no uncertain terms.

Shut The Fuck Up takes the form of lush and lilting alt-pop, conversational vocals ride an addictive groove as he tries to find a safe sonic space amongst the madness. But it is the video which really expands on the idea. Classical, muse-like dancers wandering amongst the architecture of renaissance buildings immediately adds a wealth of perspective. The world has seen far worse, numerous times before, perhaps we haven’t learned from our history, but the video puts our 6 months of over reaction and privileged panic into some sort of historical perspective.

Civilization is cyclical, perhaps this is a fall, perhaps rebirth is necessary, perhaps what follows is a decluttered and more beneficial world. Perhaps not! But it is great that such a simple and effective pop song can convey so much in such a succinct way. Philosophical, socially aware, poignant pop…what will they think of next?


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