Sweet Fantasy – Faith (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Although Sweet Fantasy is the debut single by this young artist, there is nothing going on here that sounds anything other than the work of a well-established, fully-experienced, R&B mainstay. With echoes of Toni Braxton and Brandy ringing through the music, this is the sound of the 90’s, commercial R&B heyday being upgraded and repackaged for a modern audience. You can certainly spot the sonic hallmarks of what made the genre so potent in the first place but it is the new touches which make it perfect for today.

The beats are sparing put perfectly pitched, wandering between clubland minimalism and skittering trap interludes and the musical middle ground is filled with the perfect pairing of beguiling electronica and enticing atmospherics.

And with such a strong but uncluttered structure established, the scene is set to put Faith’s vocals front and centre and their intimate and emotive tones are able to whisper and seduce in such a manner that this feels like an exciting, late night conversation in the corner of a nightclub as it enters the early hours chill out zone. 

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