Old Fashion Romance – Ayeasha (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

So many vocalists begin their career working as background singers for more established artist but not all of them get their day in the sun, their chance to step in the spotlight, their shot at fame. Thankfully Ayeasha has managed to make the step forward and a voice that until now was always heard supporting someone else’s melody now gets the chance for to be appreciated in its own right.

And it is clear that there is no shortage of talent on show here, perfectly showcased by debut single Old Fashion Romance. It is soulful blend of jazz and R&B, drips with grace and grandeur, poise and pop sensibilities. Cocooned in banks of harmonies, perhaps a nod to the place that she has just come from, driven by deft beats and liquid bass lines, Old Fashion Romance is a song which both looks back to simpler times but also has all the right modern sonic hallmarks.

It’s the best of both worlds and the perfect spotlight to shine on her exceptional voice. On the strength of this single I suspect that the tunes that she carries from now on are only ever going to be her own.

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