Well, it had to happen. A song about AI where the song and the video also seem to, to some degree, reflect the sort of thing we will be able to create with such technologies in the very near future. That’s right, us copying programming that has been designed to mimic our own human creativity! Forget the singularity; welcome to the circularity!

But Mr MooQ has always been subversive when it comes to making music and videos, and this is all just a reflection of his understanding of where it all could lead. Okay, maybe not with humans in an alien zoo, as the lyrics suggest, but you could already argue that we are slowly and wilfully being ushered into one of our own creations. (That’s a topic for when we have a bit more time.)

But as always with Mr. M, the song is wonderfully infectious, impossibly dance-fuelled, fun and full of life. Even if that life seems to be mainly extra-terrestrial, it’s a song that will make you move and feel and have fun, but it might also make you stop and think, and that is probably something that we need a lot more of right now.


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