It’s been a while since Mr Mooq came under my pen, but it is always a pleasure when he does. In the past, he has revelled in all manner of eclectic electronica and perky pop sounds; here, we catch him in a much more reflective mood.

Oh My My My My is a sweet electronic ballad, one built from strands of synths, soulful bass lines and understated yet groovesome beats embellished with hints of rock-infused guitar flashes and floating flutes, gentle electronic ebbs and subtle digital flows.

But it is perhaps the tone and sentiment, thanks in no small part to the vocal delivery, that defines the song. It is heartfelt and reflective, whistful and full of soul as the narrator recalls a lost friendship or a past love and struggles with regret and pain.

I suppose, if you were so inclined, you would categorise this as electronic music, but it is songs such as this that remind us how unnecessary labels and genres are, as here we have a song as beautiful and seductive as anything you would find in the more analogue drive world of soul and pop.

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