Whilst Sunrise has all of the perquisites of the modern clubland dance floor filler – wandering dynamics, bubbling electronica, deft changes of pace and soaring crescendos, – it seems to apply these very differently to the rest of the competition. The one thing that South Korean DJ and producer Cafrii adds into the mix that many of his contemporaries miss is subtlety, something the scene is not really known for, and this slightly understated approach pays dividends.

It means that when the track changes direction, dynamic or pace, it does so naturally without any of the jarring that is often the price you have to pay for making a musical impact statement in a song. Sunrise flows gracefully from one sonic state to another, smoothes out the sharp edges, softens the blows between the highs and lows. And the icing on the cake has to be Paula Mendes vocals; gorgeous, at times folky, which is as charming as it is unexpected, underplayed, which seems to be the general theme here and eminently listenable, not just for their contribution to the song but in their own right too. It’s EDM for sure but not as we know it. A taste of dance to come perhaps?



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