Beggar’s Anthem – Fred Argir (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Guitar led music has always been something that people immediately want to put in a box, give a label to and know where it sits in the order of things. And whilst it is easy to strip this latest tune from Fred Argir down and point at its various components, as a finished song it doesn’t easily sit in any one compartment. Rock, I suppose, is about as comfortable as it gets but that is such a broad sonic church as to be irrelevant.

What makes this such a tricky beast to pin down any further is that it leans on so many styles. It charges on like classic rock, growls with that alternative vibe, has the accessibility and melodic sensibility that made those old hair metal bands such a guilty pleasure and is built with an intricacy that dovetails technical metal into jazz-rock. As always, Argir delivers the goods…the goods being anthemic, slick, foot on the monitor rock and roll. And who didn’t ever need a slice of that in their lives?

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