The appropriately named Stories With Unhappy Endings sounds like a horror movie writing its own soundtrack. Whereas someone setting about composing such a score is trying to make music sound like evil acts and depraved urges, mindless violence and heart-wrenching terror, this sounds the other way around, as if it is the acts themselves which have been turned into music.Can you imagine such a thing? Well, of course you don’t have to, you just have to play the album, if you have the nerve for such a journey into sonic psychosis.

Across 8 tracks, The Typewriters blend subtle sonics with avalanches of industrial noise, grating guitars with slow-rising atmospherics, disembodied demonic vocals with creeping dread. Inevitable Decent is a masterclass in restraint and rising anguish, as the music spirals down into hellish underworlds, Sacrifice is more a fractured state of mind than a song, more about mood than melody, the sound of souls being sucked into other dimensions and Symbote takes the early goth clinical beat and pushes it through an industrial crusher, the echo of machines rising up, of abandoned factory engineering gaining sentience, of computerised production lines gone feral.

It is an album which teeters between worlds, between music and noise, myth and madness, the above and the below, the human and the other, the primal and the futuristic. You get to a point where you run out of ways to describe just how otherworldly, how diabolical, how intense and how wonderfully out of line with modern tases and current expectations this album is. Best you just give it a spin for yourself, visit this private, sonic hell and make your own mind up

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