3Way Call – Hamid J (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

As a calling card for the e.p. Lovestruck, Hamid J has just released a sassy, pop groover that goes by the name of 3Way Call. It sits squarely at a point where forward-thinking pop, understated and infectious dance and modern R&B all buffer up against each other, it is wonderfully spacious, is fun, infectious and comes at the listener with a twinkle in its eye and a smile on its lips.

The best thing about the song is the amount of room that it allows itself, building a bare structure of funky bass pulses and unfussy beats and then giving Hamid J’s voice room to wander the space between, aided only by some shimmering synth-lines but little else. It is such an approach which makes the song feel clean and cutting edge, chilled and uninhibited. 

As a taster of the e.p., it is the perfect calling card, and as a contribution to the modern pop canon, it is a worthy addition.

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