Stick It To Ya – Izzie’s Caravan (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Blues seems to have become so slick and unconnected from its roots theses days that when something raw, something delivered with such passion, comes along, it seems to almost be from a different world…or a different genre at least. Blues never was about guys in Armani suits playing to stadium crowds for bucket loads of cash…yes, Bonamassa, I’m looking at you…and Stick It To Ya is a reminder of this musics dark and impoverished past.

Two parts spacious, slinky street-blues, one part attitude and a bar room R&B play out to take the song to its logical conclusion, Izzie’s Caravan is all about keeping the spirit of blues past alive whilst also striding confidently into the future. It connects with people, it feels like a bar room band just about to break out into a bar room brawl, its edgy, wonderfully raw and straight from the heart. Remember when music was like that?

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