If you think that pop music has reached a point where it seems to be feeding on itself, where nothing new seems to be born from the genre, where creativity and originality have been subsumed under an avalanche of plagiarism and zeitgeist surfing, then Jazz Robertson’s latest single will be just what you need to reaffirm your faith.

Stay is unashamedly pop but it seems to have all the hallmarks of an early age as well as the cool infectiousness of today’s production techniques. What hits you first of all is the crystalline quality of her voice, a refreshing sound in the world of pitch-shifters, auto-tuners and style over substance ghetto slang lyrics. She may be singing about the age-old concepts of love and loss, pop fodder if ever there was, but she does so in a new and engaging way.

And then you get to the song itself, a shimmering collection of graceful understatement and cool chamber-pop creations. Far from the usual cut and paste beats and bars of the modern sample pop productions, Stay feels delicate and deftly composed, eloquent and elegant in its delivery and a benchmark to which the collective pop quagmire might look as inspiration as to how it might free itself from the swamp of conformity and lack of creativity that it currently finds itself in.

A gorgeous piece of pop, one that is formed on the wave created from the gentle collision where old school sensibilities meets cutting edge creativity and forward-thinking. If pop needs saving from itself, and you can make a great argument for the fact that it does, then it’s great knowing that we have people such as Jazz Robertson manning the creative lifeboats.


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