With the tribalism of the genre-based world left far behind us, the modern music maker is free to source their sonic building blocks where they chose without fear of judgement. And that is exactly what Kbackwood$ does, and does so well. If Red Lipstick, the track that really put him on the map is a cool weave of trap beats and ultra-modern urban groove, this time out he sets his sights on a more alternative rock sound.

But of course, it isn’t as simple as that and through this, he runs indie riffs and big beats, an almost pop sense of melody and a wonderfully world-weary delivery. The result is a song that doesn’t quite fit in any one sonic world or genre but appeals to many. Rockers will love the groove and grind, indie kids the cool sense of detachment on which it is built and pop pickers will get the infectiousness. Truly a song for the modern age.

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