10806237_10154758298730526_1475424889455222043_nThe vast majority of bands that pass in front of my reviewing pen are just starting out, launching out at the top of the black page that is their career in the hope that they can at least write their own paragraph in the annals of modern music. The Sums, however, already have a couple of honorary mentions in that book. Not only did this Liverpool 4 piece once operate under the name Smaller, touring with the likes of Stereophonics, Catatonia, Weller and Oasis but front man Peter “Digsy” Deary is the guy name-checked, alongside his lasagne, on the Oasis debut.


Still, that was then and this is now but this second Sums album is sure to contribute even more to their existing entry. The Sums stay very much on the expectant guitar driven path but it is a path that meanders wonderfully, taking in psychedelic vibes, indie-folk approaches, a skewed Brit-pop slant and an accessible underground pop vibe. For all their connections with Gallagher senior, this is no Brit-pop pastiche, in fact as it snakes through strange new musical landscapes it is difficult to say exactly where it fits in. And that is a good thing. Many would be happy to name drop and ride the band wagon of their friends former glories but thankfully The Sums have enough to say and enough creativity that they don’t need to resort to such cheap tricks.

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