D Ý R A explores the connections between sound and landscape, liminal and meditative states. Instigated by Scottish-Portuguese sound artist and musician Su Shaw (SHHE) during a self-directed artist residency in the Westfjords of Iceland in 2018 – the project is inspired by the tranquillity of the Dýrafjörður fjord. Immersed in the distinct landscape and quietly monumental surroundings of the fjord, Shaw began documenting her experience of the environment through field recordings and environmental data captured across several outdoor locations.

Responding to the meditative effects these landscapes had on her personally, she began to explore ways that she could reimagine and recreate the Dýrafjörður environment and ambience for an audience in a live setting; expanding notions of performance and presentation, transporting audiences / transporting to audiences. It was at this time that she became interested in the practice of deep listening and sound spatialisation – researching and exploring immersive audio technologies, including binaural, ambisonic and quadraphonic sound.

Developed and presented as a live sound installation, D Ý R A explores traditional ideals of modern live music performance by experimenting with non-linear and durational performance methods. Open and accessible daily from 15:00-20:00, D Ý R A provides a peaceful space to reflect and relax during the full festival run.

D Ý R A will be presented at Summerhall as part of the Made in Scotland programme at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival from August 3rd-28th. Summerhall is a uniquely flexible multi-arts multidisciplinary set of exhibition and performance spaces to accommodate all creativity & cross-currents in sciences & arts.

The project is supported by Creative Scotland, Help Musicians UK, Cryptic Nights, Summerhall Lab and Öll vötn til Dýrafjarðar (Iceland).

Based in Dundee, Shaw’s artistic practice is influenced by the environment, exploring themes of identity and connection at the intersection between sound and space. Her eponymous debut album was released by One Little Independent Records and was shortlisted for Scottish Album of the Year 2020.

A solo project musically but also a platform for collaboration, working on projects with filmmakers, dancers, visual artists and designers across all mediums – SHHE’s composition and sound installations have been presented and developed at V&A Dundee, Cryptic Nights/CCA, Summerhall (Scotland), Hangar (Portugal), Inversia Festival (Russia), B’sarya Musician in Residence/British Council (Egypt), BFI and Sensoria’s FAMLAB (international) and Westfjords Residency (Iceland).

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