Watch Them Fail is a “nasty” hybrid of metal, rock, crossover, and industrial hailing from Austria. The band have signed a licensing deal with Wormholedeath for their debut album “Hybris”, due for release on October 21st, 2022.

Founded in 2016 in Graz/Austria, the four musicians of Watch Them Fail, have been consistently and unconsciously avoiding putting themselves into a specific music genre. The individual band members’ influences are too different and too far spread out in order to be reduced to ONE musical formula.

This is also reflected in their lyrics, written in English, German and Spanish.

The only constant in the music of Watch Them Fail is the catchiness of their songs, which manifests itself in either the listener’s head and/or legs, where it settles for good.

This brought Watch Them Fail onto stages in Austria and abroad as the first gig in the band‘s history ever, to open up for PRONG and 2019 on the bill of Metal On The Hill Festival together with bands like LORD OF THE LOST, ALIEN WEAPONRY, WALLS OF JERICHO, HAMMERFALLand many more.

The first 3-song EP Hybrid was recorded in March 2018 and released on November 24, 2018, physically (7 „vinyl and limited cassette tape) and as a download/stream. The first full-length album Hybris will be released in Autumn 2022.

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