Song On the Radio – Phillip Gilchrist (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Although there is the most intimate and personal inspiration behind Phillip Gilchrist’s latest single, it is also a song which everyone will be able to relate to. Based on the idea of two people meeting for the first time and getting lost in each others eyes to the point where they felt like the only two people in the world, something which actually happened to him, Song On the Radio is the perfect slice of pop fun meets romantic sentiment.

Musically it splices dance energy with pop melody, infectious moves with addictive grooves, it is simple and memorable but laced with deeper meanings and sensual sentiments. It also acts as a calling card for an e.p. to follow, one which explores their relationship as it blossomed and relationships in general.

If a single is, in part, an advertisement for a later, full album or e.p. release, then Song On the Radio does its job effortlessly and I’m sure on the strength of these smooth sounds and upbeat energies, that forthcoming release will just fly off the digital shelves.

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