Phloating – Phenomenal Rock (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

It has to say something about the popularity of rap, hip-hop and urban music that a sound so associated with America in particular and the western world in general, is even being made in places as far distant as India. I know that the world is a small place and music is largely able to free-wheel its way across cultural divides and geographical barriers without breaking its stride, but to have something which sounds so authentically like the product of perhaps South Bronx or South Central is actually emanating from South Asia…half a world away, is amazing.

From the trap beats which drive it, the dexterous lyrical deliveries and genre specific parlance, the meandering electronica which forms the musical middle ground and the over all vibe, it sounds like the real deal. The music lands with confidence and the lyrics hit home hard, it’s cool and its tough, street wise and razor-edged. But more than that, as I have already said, it is totally authentic and that has to be the greatest accolade you can give it. The world just got a little bit smaller.

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