The great thing about Whole Damn Mess is that whilst they employ the sonic weapons of a rock band, what they create is so loaded with a pop sensibility, so wonderfully melodic, so addictive and infectious that they seem to create a genre all of their own. Pop-rock doesn’t seem the right term, perhaps selling their creative acumen short. Power-pop? Perhaps. They seem to sit in the same place of brilliant confusion that Tom Petty did for most of his career, and any time I can mention his name in a review is a good day.

Some Big Something is majestic in the way that only pop can be but is driven by the weight and swagger of rock music, a glorious tune, a simple groove but wonderfully adorned with chiming guitar motifs and shimmering piano notes, wide-screen production and lush harmonies. The song comes with a travelling companion and the two together make up a sort of twin-pack EP called WDM 2021. Having referenced the late great TP, Into The Great Unknown underlines my initial thoughts perfectly; anthemic and accessible rock that you know he is up there jamming along to it and happy in the knowledge that his influence and inspirations are being put to good use.

Nothing In The World Feels Better was the song that put Whole Damn Mess on my radar, WDM – 2021 is the record that made me a real fan.

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