Cowpoke – Raf Sanchez (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Often the term “bedroom singer-songwriter” is used to imply unprofessionalism and lack of production, but on Cowpoke, Raf Sanchez proves that the term can stand for something else. It can stand for intimacy and honesty. Employing mainly voice and acoustic guitar, with occasionally just enough warm and hazy wash of effect and electronica to lift things into a more lush sonic territory, the songs found here feel like the whispered thoughts and confessions of your oldest friend late at night.

Lasso is a gorgeously sparse, finger-picked ballad wrapped in shimmering swathes of keyboards and This Time I Swear is a song built on space and restraint. It Feel rounds off this short but perfectly formed EP, a more dynamic track rising from simple melodics to wide-screen grandeur but without ever losing that heart-felt and intimate quality that the record is built of.

Less is more. Less is definitely more!

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