bap-kennedyI’m not sure where I first came across Energy Orchard and the wonderful songs of Bap Kennedy, I suspect supporting the likes of Big Country or The Alarm at some London venue in the early nineties. I must confess that I haven’t played any of his music for a while now, purely a testament to the size of my music collection and my own lazy habits rather than anything else. But as I write this with the bands debut album spinning away in the back ground it reminds me of those days where me and my friends seemed to be whizzing up to London to watch  bands at places such as The Town and Country Club  and The Marquee almost every weekend.

Although too late to be part of what journalists labelled the Big Music, they managed to capture the same small town dramas of Big Country and the widescreen visions of The Waterboys, two bands I still play on a regular basis. Now I have been reminded  of how great their music was, albeit for all the wrong reasons, I think this first Energy Orchard album will have a its place restored next to the record player for a few weeks to come. So Bap Kennedy, so long and thanks for all the music.

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