Gossamer Rose – Luke De-Sciscio (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

a3335733708_16As someone supposedly with their finger on the musical pulse, the fact that I totally missed the release of the latest album from Luke DeSciscio until stumbling upon it at the eleventh hour is a bit embarrassing. But then he’s like that. He’ll wander off for a year at a time and then suddenly reappear clutching a new tranche of songs without fanfare or announcement.


And to be fair it is how his music works too. Those wandering more popularist paths like to build up the tension, tease and taunt and then try to deliver a sucker punch that rarely lives up to the hype. Luke’s music, however, doesn’t need to employ any such gimmick. It merely washes from record to ear to heart and then for the duration forms a symbiotic relationship with your very soul.


Delicate and dexterous picked guitars form a canvas upon which soaring and emotive falsetto tones paint vocal watercolours, opaque textures and breathy atmospherics. As always with his music, it is what takes place between the notes and the words which is just as important, it is here that you find the quiet, intangible yet vital essence of what this music is about is if the song is merely a bubble-like structure encasing the true beauty of music. And my one safety tip whilst listening to such delicate and hushed majesty is this ….remember to breathe.

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