Sink or Swim – Daniel Lately (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Pop perhaps reaches its best form when it is blended with sounds and styles from other genres. It is through such a process that such music evolves and moves forward, gradually changing, perfectly moving with the times whilst exploring new musical territories. Sink or Swim, the latest release from Daniel Lately, is the perfect example of such a process in action.

The song’s innate infectiousness, dynamic flows, and smart beat structures mark it out to be perfectly poised pop, but it is the other elements that it is shot through with which make it such a great sonic experience. The almost rock vibes of the epic rise, the indie intimacy of the deft lulls, and some sweet sonic touches such as a synthesized layer running through the back of the song seeming to echo the tabla drums and percussion that Daniel Lately may have soaked up before moving to the US.

It’s pop for sure, but it is so much more besides that.

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