Get Out Party Today – Live Vinyl (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Live Vinyl personifies the idea that music is basically the art of collecting familiar sounds and rearranging them into new and interesting shapes. Much as an architect might do with a stack of bricks. You might get a faceless, perfectly functional, building, you might get the Sistine Chapel, it all depends on the imagination and skill of the builder.

Get Out Party Today gathers together a neat and diverse collection of sonic building blocks. Lazy Latin rhythms, infectious beats, island vibes, bluesy guitar licks and sultry moves all cemented together with a Santana-esque feel, one of south of the border sass mingled with a taste of musical hedonism.

And even though on record this is a fabulous track, you can’t but help picture the music being played live as the sun goes down, or perhaps as it comes up, of swathes of revellers moving to the beat, cares cast aside and living for the moment. A reminder of the real purpose of music.

Only the best music can do that. Get Out Party Today does that.

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