Shotgun Six ep – Shotgun Six (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

15095446_1792218127686378_3978154931130196933_nWhat’s in a name? When you hear the moniker Shotgun Six your mind can’t help but conjure leather clad, classic rock warriors, stuck in an eternal mid seventies nirvana. But we all know about judging books by their cover don’t we? Thankfully as soon as opening salvo, Away From Here drops into earshot you realise that they, thankfully, have something more interesting to offer. Slow burning industrial spikiness, dour gothic undertones and a grunge intensity spiral around the subdued lyrics, wonderfully discordant riffs subvert the norm and jagged edges coat every surface. And so the scene is set.


They then use this surly template to wander down parallel musical avenues, infecting them and bending them to their will. Blues rock gets warped into new dystopian shapes, acid tinged psychedelia takes a turn for the bleak, this ain’t the summer of love by any means, and sometimes they just rock out like a New York, no wave, punk crew.


If there is one flaw it is in the production, better separation of sound would serve them well, but I guess they are on a budget and to be fair given the warped meanderings and ragged edged sounds that they play with, in some ways it even adds to the air of menace. So what’s in a name? Absolutely bugger all….

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