In Your Hands – Fabrizio Cammarata (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

15135959_1169897473079356_2551192837589110316_nSometimes trying to find something original to say about the new music that drops onto my desk can be a very convoluted exercise. Exploring new ways to describe the same shoegazing sound washes, the fickle fashion driven indie or the angst riddled, earnest testosterone fuel rock that has changed little in two decades can be a mind numbing business. That is why artists such as Fabrizio Cammarata are such a blessing. Between all of the over spiced musical dishes  that I am obliged to ingest, In Your Hands is the palette cleansing sorbet that resets the taste buds, clears away the sense numbing sound bites and instead offers light and delicate flavours to sooth and placate.


The clean-limbed simplicity of the music immediately brings to mind many references from Nick Drake to Damien Rice to Iron and Wine, and like the best musicians, even armed with the sparsest collection of tools – voice, guitar and minimal additional accompaniment – a range of moods and atmospheres are imparted through the songs. Subtle emotional connections are made as much through the spaces between as through the poignant lyricism and deft guitar stroke. Gloriously simple and simply glorious!

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