Second Time –  Ferera Swan (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

How often do we hear words like “emotive,” “heart-aching” or “honest” being used to describe modern music? How often do we come away from such songs realising that those phrases were probably chosen by committee at a PR meeting and are there for merely commercial reasons bearing little meaning to the song that they have lazily been ascribed too? Well, not this time as Ferera Swan really does deal in such music.

Somewhere at a point where pop, soul and R&B mingle and merge she has woven a ballad out of pure emotion, out of true feelings, out of experience and, more importantly,  raw honesty. It is a mature take on the reflective, commercial tune but for once it delivers, both as an accessible, would-be hit and also as a song dripping with integrity, the perfect combination for the more discerning, modern pop audience and a combination which rarely hits home with such emotional clarity. Soulful pop just really upped its game.

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