Pop can be so many things and shows no sign of limiting its adventures in the new fusions it experiments with, the new paths it walks, the hidden corners and future potential it explores. But sometimes in the surge to embrace a new sounds, open new markets and find new identities it forgets its prime purpose and forgets to be…well, pop! It’s all very well chasing the future but not if you do it at the expense of your core values, if you forget the fundamentals that makes the genre what it is in the first place.

Auld is the sound of future potential inextricably linked with a more innocent past, it is referential yet forward-thinking but more than anything it remembers who and what it is. Need Her Still is not only wonderfully beat driven and immediately accessible it wraps itself in some lovely sonic trappings. It shimmers, chimes, and grooves , it is shot through with wonderful intricacies and subtle musical motifs but it also gets straight to the point of being pop. It is cinematic and rich whilst also being brilliantly infectious as the best pop should be. 

There should be a law passed  that sees a small box installed in the corner of all recording studios and places where music is made with the words, “ For Inspiration, Break Glass” and upon doing so you find that you are treated to a blast of this song to get struggling fellow pop-pickers back on the right track.

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