With only the previous release, America’s Beautiful Waltz, as a guide, I wasn’t really sure what to expect from a full CatsMelvin album. But perhaps that is the best way to approach such an artist, someone who eschews the discipline and pre-planning of the regular recording routine and approaches music creation with just the right amount of chaos and eclecticism, off-the-cuff-ness and let’s just see what happens philosophy in the air.

Seasick Circus suggests that it is an approach that more artists should explore. From the drifting and ethereal Front Row Seats to the country/Tex-Mex rattle and roll of In The Woods and from the strange, funk meets Rocky Horror musical theatre tones of Rub to the drug-fug warning of Pharmaceuticals, it is a sonic journey like few you will have been on before especially when you factor in the musical oddities of Steel Interludes, several sonic sorbets that cleanse the palette with eerie sounds and edgy ambience (is there such a thing? well, there is now) readying the listener for the next beguiling chapter of the album.

Strange? Yes. But strange is good, right? Strange is non-conformist. Strange is unaware of fad or fashion. Strange is off-beat, off-the-wall and off-kilter. Strange is rule-breaking and genre-hopping. So when I say this is a strange album, I mean it in the kindest and most creative way.


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