There is something wonderfully nostalgic running through many of the songs found on America’s Beautiful Waltz, not least the titular opener, which does what it says on the tin, a slow, seductive slow waltz through the duality of the American Dream.

But even when things move through more electric and contemporary sonic pastures, there is more than a slight 50’s vibe to songs like Deep In My Heart, and Do You Mind has a tremendous glam stomp energy mixed with some proggy dynamics and psychedelic interludes.

But not everything looks to the past. Escape In Every Way is a brilliantly beguiling piece of alt-rock ‘n’ soul, Hold Up is a new take on alt-country drapped and dressed in some heavenly harmonies, and It’s Magic sounds like REM doing an impression of early Bowie…quite an excellent concept.

I love music that doesn’t really fit in, square sonic pegs in round musical holes, and music ahead of the curve. And while America’s Beautiful Waltz may be built from recognisable building blocks, the way those various elements are put together and what they ultimately create is extraordinary and unique. And that is something that you can’t help but love.

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