Scene and Heard – CCXCI :  Avec Moi  – Angelle ft. Philmoore Rich (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

GGGAngelle is one of those artists who, despite working in the contemporary world of soulful, R&B infused pop, also manages to remind us of a host of great names from Roberta Flack to Witney Houston to Toni Braxton. And that, of course, is the secret isn’t it? It isn’t really about inventing new genres, or gene-splicing musical styles which have no business getting that intimate, that rarely works anyway. No, the art is to create music which is both of the here and now and yet subtly references the past. A blend of the fresh and familiar, new but just with a slight touch of nostalgia.

And Avec Moi does this to perfection. The blend of French and English lyrics adds a classy sheen to its already sultry grooves, Philmoore Rich’s lyrical rap and flow updates the sound nicely and the end result is a timeless piece of sensual soul which stands with one foot in the present day and the other in soul’s golden age. Perfect.

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