Scene and Heard – CCLXVII : La Reina Cubana by Go Go Satish (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

738657cf-cd02-4c0b-a576-7c456831373f_1.fa94e5325c8e9569fc7d49b2f0c8b008There is something boundless about Go Go Satish (aka Satish Dat Beast) music and it comes as no surprise that his own personal story is one that has seen him grow up and travel in many different and varied cultures, from South America to Europe and of course his native USA. And it is this diversity which informs his music, it being a blend of old school hip-hop sass, reggae groove, latin swagger and even a pop awareness that makes his music accessible and genre hopping beyond the boundaries of urban music.

My review desk and inbox is full of New York rappers, singing about New York streets and New York aspirations (replace New York with any urban sprawl) and it is that parochialism, that narrow experience which means that whilst some of it is good, much of it follows the same music lines driven my the same references, musical, geographical, cultural and otherwise. Go Go Satish sounds more like a citizen of the world, a global troubadour collecting music, playing with genre and fitting together music which general would cross the street to avoid being seen next to each other.

Because of that La Reina Cubana is a strutting and groovesome piece, existing where a latin sun and a Caribbean beach party dance a tango with the rap and hip-hop of the meaner Stateside urban experience. But more than anything, it is as infectious as hell, and that is the bottom line for any music of this nature.

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