Scene and Heard  – CCLXV : In The City –  Samer A. H. (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

24312877_308185736352880_1703339351057275443_nMusic and technology has been blurring the lines between themselves for along time. Jazz musicians amplifying their guitars to be heard over the brass section, post-punk kids rewiring broken keyboards to serve their musical visions and finally with the arrival of the digital revolution. With technology doing the job that was once the responsibility of human players and musicians morphing their sounds through these boxes of futuristic magic, the point where flesh ended and wires began was almost possible to tell. Purists might balk at such an approach, but In The City is its logical conclusion.

It is a song which wanders between two musical worlds, human and digital, creating dance music which revels in auto tuning as an art form, a musical style rather than a studio tool, it blends euphoric grooves with confident dance beats, is unashamedly slickly produced and pulses with a futuristic majesty. But even though this is a duet between mankind and machine, a computer aria, a synth sonata, a real heart beats at its core and the emotion and heartfelt passions which drive the song are unmistakably human.

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