Scene and Heard – CCCLXXXI : God Flow (No Sucka MC’s 6) – ether.UNLIMITED (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

tmzSbman_400x400Not every piece of music has to start revolutions, similarly not every track has to merely re-invent the wheel, and between the cutting edge and the tried and tested you find ether.UNLIMITED, a blend of old-school, grooving hip-hop, confident street level rap and skittering backbeat vibe. Okay, we have all heard something similar before, sort of, it’s built on a certain familiarity, for sure, and sticks faithfully to the rap canon of cool flow and edgy content but it is also cohesive, glossy, stylish, and sophisticated, as the unique melodies get compressed through a hypnotic and powerful delivery.

So whilst tipping its hat to the past, God Flow pushes out to the future too, smooth electronica fills the space between glitchy trap percussion and the eloquent, top end rap and the end result is a confident forward step into hip-hops bright new future.

And if you like what you hear, you can vote for this track in RhymeStars online rap contest HERE and help shape the sound of the future.



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