Out For Blood –  Take The Black (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

21686800_1483231918412714_492005248199298227_oMusic, rock music in particular, often gets a bit bogged down with genres, sub-genres, divisions and demarcations. So fixated with post-this and alt-that, this-core and meaningless pigeon-holes with one or less bands residing within them that it has taken its eye off of the ball. Its even simpler than classic verses alt -rock…sometimes its just comes down to making good rock and roll music. Period. Take The Black make good rock and roll music, hey, make that great rock and roll music. Period!

In the same way that bands such as Gaslight Anthem channel previous east coast musical highlights, Out For Blood is the sound of any number of pop-punk and low slung guitar bands, garage rockers and stadium ready outfits being referenced to create something that is fresh and fun for a new generation but which tips its hat to the past too. It isn’t plagiarism or pastiche, it is just the way of the world. Rock and roll is mainly about evolution rather than revolution…sorry, but it is true, and Out For Blood is the sound of the genre evolving.

Guitars are big, riffs just intricate enough to add enough interesting colour to the proceedings, it swaggers, grooves and pulses, bass and backbeats add muscle but the use of musical texture and dynamic keep things from being predictable. Add some good old anthemic shout alongs and you have the best of both worlds. Old school rockers will love the familiarity, today’s discerning fans will find something cool and forward thinking and the party pack down the front will just be moshing around throwing beer all over themselves. Everyones a winner!

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