Scene and Heard – CCCLXII: Dreaming in Color – Mr MooQ (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

noclbppldolnlalkIn the few short encounters I have had with the fabulously named Mr Mooq, he has never ceased to surprise me. Whether he is updating post-punk pop for the modern age with Double Happiness or contributing to the post-industrial dance/TED talk machinations of The New Occupants, there is always something interesting going on within his musical outings.

This time out he follows a smoother, more chilled furrow, pop it still is, but this time it is built with soft, kaleidoscopic elements, soulful, late night mainstream grooves and hippy abandon. That might not sound very fashionable, and that is exactly why I love his approach. Fashion is only something that can be seen by those who follow, people who lead only catch fleeting visions of it as they check their rear view mirrors. And after all , if you opt to make music that never chimes with the fickle fads of the modern age, how can you ever be out of fashion anyway? Fashion is just something other people work with, Mr Mooq seems to have no truck with those sorts of limiting restrictions.

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