Death Demonic Life –  Demon Insane Asylum (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

demonpostersI’ll be honest about it, this is music that is way out of my normal go to listening. I do pride myself on having fairly broad tastes but even I shy away from music made in the extreme fringes…be it bland pop at one end of the spectrum or, as in this case, the intense and industrial strains of Black Metal. But if you like your music to have high drama and be built of byzantine weight and thunderous drive, then you are going to find a lot to like here.

I think it is safe to say that the production lets them down a bit and a slightly cleaner recording might add the required instrumental separation to better define this music, bit it is still easy to see what they are doing here. It is relentless, oppressive in a wonderful sort of way, it speaks of tsunamis and industry, apocalyptic madness and abject horror, which is, I’m sure exactly what they are going for here. So in that regard, a job well done. 

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