Scene and Heard – CCCLX:  You’re In My Head – Naomi K (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Naomi K Youre In My Head Single Cover.jpgPop music isn’t just about transient Day-Glo dance records for the young and easily distracted, there is just as big a market for adult pop. After all just because the target audience has got clubbing and partying out of their system, doesn’t mean that they want to sit at home listening to classical music or late night jazz radio. It is this market that Naomi K will easily tap into.

You’re in my Head pitches gentle melodies with country infused grooves, bluesy licks and soft harmony vocals into a smooth, late night, mature pop sound. That’s not to say that it won’t appeal to the younger set, it’s just that unlike the music coming off of the chart targeting pop production line, this comes with something that those artists do not have. Longevity. After the fickle finger of fashion has dictated to the cool kids what the next fad or sound is, You’re in my Head will still be found on rotation with those who don’t care about all that nonsense. Cool music for the more discerning pop fan.

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