JD Days is a musical chameleon, changing music styles and sound as the mood dictates, from dreamy, acoustic love ballads to full-on power-pop songs. Here, he gives us something new again, a full-on indie-rock banger that seems to merge the experimental sound of the post-punk era with some subtle, Beatle-esque touches, not least in the message that it carries.

What lifts the song musically is its very weight. Heading into a wall of guitar sound but stopping in the melodic end of such a sound, it is a weave of big riffs, big beats and squalling guitars. Pianos chop through the gaps and the whole thing is beautifully wrapped in a wonderfully optimistic and fairly nostalgic message.

It certainly sits at the heavier end of the music that JD Days makes but, like every twist and turn of this career path to date that you can’t second guess him when it comes to the music that he makes and the styles that he takes on and makes his own. You can’t ask much more of a musician than that, can you?

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