San Diego – Josh Washam (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

We are, by nature, curious creatures. In fact, our very evolution is down to the fact that we always want to know more. What’s under that log? What’s over that hill? What happens if I rub these two sticks together? Curiosity is in our DNA, wanderlust is part of who we are.

So when a friend of Josh Washam decided to swap the valleys, woodlands and rolling hills of Tenessee for the Pacific delights of San Diego, it seemed only right that he should mark the event in song.

San Diego is full of lilting grooves and understated country cool. It celebrates the act of exodus, of making change, of driving off into the sunset and does so over some gorgeous guitar tones and musical textures. It also reminds us that the modern world is a small place and relocating to the other side of the country is hardly the crossing of the Rubicon or the point of no return that it was way back when but that adventure and new quests should always be embraced and such impulses and urges acted upon.

The world is there to be explored, the unknown sought out. Just don’t all expect to have a song written about you when you do make the move.

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