Nothing Is Like It Used To Be is a song with a very simple message. Whatever you’re going through, whatever you are dealing with, wherever you are headed and for what reason, it’s a totally new experience. Others might have done something similar but it is by throwing you, the individual, into the mix which creates a truly unique set of circumstances. I think that’s it anyway. And if so, the unsung subtext is this. Don’t listen to others, ignore words of wisdom from people with their smug and all-knowing “been there” attitude, this is very much your adventure, your challenge, face it your way. Approach life’s journey with such a mind-set and you will find that, no matter what the outcome, succeed or fail, you will learn from it, grow from it, create unexpected results from it, perhaps even reinvent the world in some small way…even if it is just the bit you are standing on.

It’s a philosophy which sits neatly with sonic vibe of the music behind it, unfussy, plain speaking, to the point, forward thinking. Country vibes and folky directness slow-dance together cross a rootsy dance floor, acoustic leads, peripheral pedal guitar and subtle, supple bass lines add all the decoration that is required and it is the lone voice and the lyrical message which spends the most time in the spotlight.

There is a lot going on in the world right now but that doesn’t mean that the small, personal, intimate stories aren’t still important, in fact the big headlines are essentially a whole bunch of personal narratives and individual struggles, tales of home and family, the search for a better life, all gathered together under a convenient byline. And when it comes down to it, we all have to go our own way. And whilst you are doing so you can sing this song to remind you that these are your choices to make, your hurdles to cross, your failures, your triumph and you will face them your way. This is your life and that is all that matters.

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