Rock’n’Roll is a Feeling – Everything But The Everything (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Not only a cool band name and an EP title which is wonderfully poignant, but a sound which is both cool and wonderful too. Even though the general beat of the four songs found here is upbeat and groovesome, the overall sound is one of drifting mystique and hazy sonics due to the smooth and smokey treatment they have recieved. In the hands of anyone else, these songs would perhaps be reduced to standard rock and roll fare but the way that they are cocooned in warmer tones and slightly psychedelic affects makes for something really special. Sort of a nod to musical styles past whilst heading into pastures new.

Intimacy exists at a place where alt-rock meets a sort of  shimmering dream-pop and that sets the tone perfectly for the EP as a whole. I Can’t Allow is a more incendiary affair, blending underground 60’s vibes with a stoner rock groove and The Story is built on punk’s nervous energy and vocally seeming to reference Souixsie Souix…which is never a bad thing. Jump rounds things off with industrial strength bass lines and more of those glorious retro garage band vibes.

When people talk about the 60’s, they conjure images of hippy-dippy songs and Summers of Love. Everything But The Everything sounds like the sort of bands who were plugging away in basements creating their own counter to the counter-culture that was going on up above. Hopefully this album will allow that sound to have its day in the sun at long last. It’s just a shame that it took so long, musical history could have been so different.

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